The Crescent of Content.

Courtesy Alika P.

It’s a place. It’s a state. It’s a dream. It’s worth chasing, and it’s what I’m after. How we choose to live is what separates us, but death unites us all. With certainty of an ultimate expiration, why shouldn’t we take risks, explore and learn… discover passions and things that will continue to excite us. Why should we accept a system that gears the individual to live a life chained to fleeting desire and want. Work to make money; to buy more. Work for the weekend; work for your life.

No thanks. The greatest capability of man is that he can carve who he is, invent what he does, and ultimately shape his life to his own specifications. The greatest tragedy of man, is that he rarely recognizes this and is utterly brainwashed by society into a conception of life that is not his own. But I see this capability. I hope for the ability, have the will, and above all else, I dream for the result.

I dream to live a life that looks like the one in my head. It’s simple. I want to die happy.


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