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Existentially Anxious Beginnings part 3; The Charter

As the late afternoon sun got its evening on, we Crescent Boys got our scribble on. Me and my bros, we’re not just any pack of hooligans, and we certainly aren’t hippies. So of course, our dream began by drawing up a charter. Every great organization needs a charter. Magna had one when it invented America. Enron likely had one when they tried to destroy America. But I digest. Dairy. Slowly. And I’m just like 75% of you, you lactose intolerants. Man, I can’t tolerate you people. But I digress, for serious this time.

The square table we sat at juxtaposed the not-so-square things we were writing down. The glass surface was the kind with the little contact lens-shaped textured-rounds on top. The edges and legs were simple and white, like the kind sitting poolside at yacht clubs all around the country. If you’re from Detroit, I’m sorry, but you’ll just have to take my word for it. Oh, and yeah, if you drew some witty parallel between the description of the table edges and legs, and the people who frequent yacht clubs, that was all me. All me. But like I said, the table wasn’t smooth, so it made quality penmanship difficult. And while I value penmanship more than marksmanship, nothing is more valuable than my fleet of man-friendships. By now I have surely won your trust with humor, so do read on.

The Charter detailed the nature of our organization and the founding principle that we want to live our lives according to our dreams, not the dreams of others. To play, work, live and be with friends and family, enjoying our finite time together. My dream comes with three fundamentals:

1) Sail away. Sailing a catamaran throughout the world with a handful of my closest friends, exploring and experiencing all that is out there. Hopefully in the process we’d learn more about this world, our place in it, and find meaning and purpose for our selves.  See the world, taste her foods, surf her waves, and meet her children.

2) Be my own boss. Yes, this is a dream for many. Yes, this is often a grass-greener-type of a dream. The thing is, it’s been possible for years and is only increasingly so, what with a down economy and plenty of technology to leverage. Specifically [and as a current law student], I’d like to start my own law practice, and work part time, sail part time, and live full time. It’d be a digital law firm and I’d be a virtual attorney. I’d work from almost anywhere.

3) Living simply and peacefully. When I zoom out to the big picture of my life and ultimate death, little is of any significance to me. Aside from friends, family, and my time with them, everything that comes in between feels like a distraction or waste of time. I just want to get rid of the unimportant crap; clutter, distractions and fleeting pursuits. By living simply, I want to be mindful and in the moment- something that goes hand-in-hand with my oceanic aspirations. I want to live harmoniously and contribute more than I take.

Trim the sails, and knot the ropes- let’s set sail!

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